Recognizing the prevailing gap in the health sector in India, My Medicare has followed the path of social entrepreneurship. As we follow this path in order to make healthcare services accessible to everyone, we obviously understand there are certain limitations that exist there with the resources available today. In order to resolve this issue, we seek to promote that being healthy should be a way of living rather than a goal. Employing innovative technologies and solutions, we bring the finest healthcare services to your doorstep at affordable prices.My Medicare considers making the health care facilities accessible and affordable to be its prime goal.
Ever heard of a comprehensive healthcare network? Perhaps no. Because there is not any. And, that is the prime challenge that India continues to face even in the 21st century. India took 36 years to be declared as a a polio free country by the World Health Organization. The first Polio Vaccination program started in 1978 with the Expanded Programme on Immunization. So, in India, it takes time to bring a change as history will testify. But, this time it won't. As per data shared by the World Health Organization (WHO), 12.4% of the death occur because of the Ischaemic heart disease while 2.4% due to road injury and 9% because of stroke. All these medical situations require prompt action and the best healthcare available. According to WHO, the major health problems that cause the maximum death in India include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and so on. The need of the hour is having all the affordable facilities highly accessible and available.
With the aim of embracing individuals requiring such attention, we have carefully crafted the facilities at My Medicare to make it easier for you have access to world class health care. This did not happen overnight, not at all.
  • 2010

    We came together to have insights about the facilities that the Indian health system lacks. Only after acquiring an innate knowledge about the present health scenario in the country, we moved on to come up with an idea that will solve problems prevailing in the domain of emergency health care, affordable diagnostic tests and much more.

  • 2013

    With deeper understanding of the problem that every Indian faces on a regular basis while accessing health care, we went on to establish My Medicare which was aimed at making healthcare accessible and affordable through health card.

  • 2015

    After the organization being founded in 2013, we performed qualitative and quantitative studies in order to understand the means with which we could solve the problems existing in the healthcare system. The extensive research conducted during this time has helped us to recognize issues like medical papers getting mouldered, difficulty in finding hospitals and clinic during emergency and so on.

  • 2016

    Finally, we took the bold step of registering our company in order to provide the people with solutions that we have crafted.

  • 2017

    At this point, we wanted to understand the user-friendliness and feasibility of the membership and mobile application that we have devised. This led us to incorporate feedbacks acquired from the pilot study of our mobile application.

  • 2018

    Out of our desire to make the entire system flawless, we initiated the beta launch of the mobile app in order to have an efficient understanding of how it helps our intended users.

We have never rushed to develop this entire process. Because, we know that doing good is a time-consuming affair. With a sound understanding of the entire Indian health problems, we have walked one step at a time. Now, it is our turn to give back to all those Indians who have suffered from medical negligence, unavailability of medical resources etc. for years.
Be empowered to make the best health decision for you and your beloved family members!

Healthcare is
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Healthcare is every citizen's right but since majority of India's healthcare is provided by private healthcare centers, a lot of people fall short on availing them due to their high costs. The Mymedicare health card helps in bridging this gap by not only providing access to these healthcare centers but also providing all the medical facilities at a reasonable price.

With the help of advanced technology and data, we intend to ensure that every individual has the means to access and avail the required medical assistance without compromising on the standards.

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