1. Medical Packages: In the hustle bustle of the fast moving life, it is of paramount importance to ensure good health. At MyMedicare we understand the importance of an overall health wellbeing and hence we have created some cost effective packages which group several healthcare services to help you receive a comprehensive services at a lower cost. We offer a wide spectrum of packages which are either preventive health care packages or specialised packages like Diabetes care, Gynaecology Support, Oncology Packages etc...

  2. Medical Tourism Packages: India has risen as a prominent medical tourism destinations. Patients from all around the globe are landing in India to avail a wide spectrum of health care services. India offers an irresistible combination of specialised healthcare support, state of the art technology and cheaper medical expenses. MyMedicare helps you find the right packages to receive health care support in India. Get complete information regarding various services and tariffs for different packages, so that you can plan in advance. Choose the packages that are most suitable for your medical requirements.

  3. Health Plans(Insurance): A good health and a good life is all about being prepared for the possible contingencies in life. Emergencies can be very unpredictable and it is always good to be secured with an insurance policy so that you can deal effectively with every problem. Health insurances are an indivisible part of health care support and hence we help in finding the best plans for you. At MyMedicare Portal, you can compare several health plans and select the one that is most suitable for you and your loved ones.

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Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved
Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved