1. Diagnostics: Diagnostics are an inevitable part of the healthcare management process. It not only helps in detecting the contagions causing an ailment but are also crucial in early detection and prevention of probable health related issues. MyMedicare makes it easy for you to access all your diagnostic needs in one portal. Our interactive web application helps you find all diagnostics centres in your proximity and helps you in making a knowledgeable decision by giving you a detailed profile and user reviews regarding each. That's not all, if you are finding it inconvenient to reach a diagnostic centre and need some urgent tests, we can help you find a service to get the tests conducted in the comfort of your home. We can help you get connected with medical professionals to cater to a wide spectrum of diagnostic needs.

  2. Drugs: Now forget the hassles of browsing medicines shops to find the medicine that you need. With MyMedicare, you can find all the medicines you need in one portal and get them delivered to your doorstep. Take care of your loved ones when you are away by fulfilling all their healthcare needs with MyMedicare.

  3. Physiotherapy: Finding the right physiotherapist is of paramount importance to assure a speedy recovery and fast relief from pain. MyMedicare helps you find a list of physiotherapists your area and assists you in taking an informed decision while choosing the right physiotherapists for you. We also help you in locating expert physiotherapists who can extend their services at the comfort of your home. Receive focused attention and expert help and expedite the process of recovery in your familiar environment.

  4. Physician visit: MyMedicare aims to bring the complete hospital in your pocket. When you or your loved one is not feeling well and it's difficult to reach out to a hospital, the MyMedicare application will help you get the hospital at your home. We provide you with an extensive list of professionals who can visit your home and provide you with expert medial support. With a comprehensive physician profile and a dynamic review pattern, MyMedicare ensures that you depend upon the best physicians to receive healthcare support.

  5. Nurse visit: A right treatment is an accurate combination of diagnosis, therapy, care and love. MyMedicare can help you find the right nurse to extend care and medical attention at the comfort of your home. Select from a wide range of packages for nursing care as per your need and get custom service.

  6. Therapist visit: Not all ailments have medicines, some requires specialized therapies. MyMedicare Portal helps you finding the most suitable therapies and therapists around you. We are associated with various experts in therapies like speech therapy, Behaviour therapy, physical, occupational therapy, etc. We can also find you therapist who can assist at your home and ensure effective results in the familiar setting of the patients' home.

  7. Specialty care: If you are looking specialized care, MyMedicare is a single stop solution for you. We have a network of specialists of wide ranging niches like paediatrics, ENT, Gynaecology, etc. Our system incorporates comprehensive profiles of doctors and first hand user reviews to help you find the best specialist to help you and your loved ones find the best health care services.

  8. Disabilities care: Let finding the right support be the first step towards conquering over your disabilities. Getting the right medical or non-medical home care can be a significant step towards an independent living. MyMedicare help you find the most suitable disability care for you and your loved ones. Decide after assessing the detailed profile of professionals and user reviews, so that you get service of healthcare providers with expertise in the area of your requirement.

  9. On demand care: We are learning and growing with every user we assist. We believe that every person is unique and so are the medical needs of every individual. In a pledge to bring all healthcare service under one umbrella, we are a walking an extra mile by providing an On Demand Care Service. If you think that your health care need is not enlisted in our portal, help us serve you by reaching us with your need and we'll try to assist you by consulting our wide network of medical professionals.

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Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved
Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved