MyMedicare provides an universally accessible health care system to provide services for patients and service providers by managing an advanced integrated communication portal using cloud based solution.
Anyone who wants to take care of their health or Family's health.
MyMedicare is going to be one place for all your medical needs.
There are no usage charges for patients, it is completely free.
MyMedicare is committed and ensures that your data is secure. To prevent unauthorized access we have put in place required procedures to safeguard and secure the data we collect from you.Please check our privacy policy here.
You need not be tech savvy to use our system,it's so simple and intuitive.we have 24x7 call center to assist you.
You will need to have bank account and have access to internet banking or you will need a Visa, MasterCard or American Express to pay.
You can set your alerts and notifications. We also send SMS to your mobile.
Yes you can, our team can help you in converting your old records to our system, please call us as XXXXXXX for more deatils
MyMedicare is a complete solution which integrates all health care providers under one umbrella.
You are the sole owner for all your records and access to other can only be managed by you.
Yes you can manage your family records, take appointments for them.
You can cancel your appointment at any point of time. however we recommend not to cancel appointments before 24 hours.
Our customer care will be available from 9AM-7PM everyday to take care of your health needs. Moving forward we will have 24x7 support. here.
You can take print of any of your records at any time.
You can access your health records from anywhere in the world, your just need to have internet connection.
You can update the profile with a nominee to support such situations.
You can still share records through email or taking prints of current soft copies.
Yes you can book an appointment as a guest user.
Yes, any of your relation can book an appointment on behalf of you.
If the visiting hospital is approved by insurance company your insurance will be accepted.
Please contact our customer care we will help you out.
Yes you can message the doctor after your first visit.
Presently we do not we are coming up with emergency support services.
We do not own any hospitals or clinics.
We have tied up with other vendors to supply home medicine.
Cloud based maintenance free solution which is universally accessible from any internet connected device to manage schedules and visits along with electronic transmission of prescriptions and lab orders as a user,facility or a multi facility management that allows to add patients and review their previous reports with a simple mouse click.
You can manage all your facilities along with staff with clear segregation of staff roles and you can also join as a co-physician in another mymedicare facility that is managed by other physician. You can publish, modify and cancel your schedule anytime based on your availability along with publishing pre and post confirmed appointments. You can also manage complete visit process online that includes H & P, Lab orders and prescription with auto complete feature of medication and dosages.
Yes you can use the best way you feel to use based on your comfort, the system is capable enough to digitize the hard copies during the end of visit i.e system will support any kind of process that you would like to follow.
If you have multiple facilities you can configure them and release schedules. You can add as many facilities as you want, our advanced system will validate and manage all your facilities without any conflicts.
You can configure your staff for each facility and they can help you in publishing scheduling and confirming, cancelling appointments. You can provide admin rights to any of your staff to manage on your behalf.
Yes you can swap users across your facilities.
Yes , you can delegate privileges to your staff at your will.
Our current application supports both clinics and hospitals for only outpatients.
You can add/ remove patients from mymedicare portal with just mouse click aginst patients approval.
At this moment we are providing free services for one year @ first 500 physicians.
You just need a computer/Laptop/Tablet with internet connection to start with.
Since it's a cloud solution everything will be stored centrally in secure cloud.
Its as simple as using email, our customer care will provide support if required.
Yes you can use only for appointment schedules.
Yes our customer care can publish your schedules upon request.
Since we have to perform verification process to meet the compliance we take 24-48 hours for publishing your schedules for first time only.
Our application is designed to promote all of our registered physicians globally.
You can collect fees at your facility , however our application supports online payments
At this moment we are working with insurance providers on this.
Yes, mymedicare supports ICD codes to support globally.
Our prescription supports auto fill, we have also integrated ICD codes as well for diagnosis.
We are working on videoconferencing feature , where you can communicate directly with patients online from anywhere.
Yes we have inbuilt messaging feature to communicate directly with patients and other stakeholders.
Yes you can refer other doctors using mymedicare.
Yes you can cancel and reschedule any of the published appointments, application takes care of intimating patients through SMS and email.
If you are not sure of your availability for any day in advance , you have the feature of still scheduling but those can be confirmed once patients requests for appointment.
It's the patient's option to chose his primary doctor.
Yes you can send orders to labs which are registered under mymedicare as a service provider.
Our advanced integrated will send alerts when results are ready using SMS, application alerts and email.
You can manage all your facilities with one account.



Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved
Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved