• Mission Statement
    • We want to be the evangelist of good health and serve towards a better tomorrow by bridging the gap between ailment and the cure.
  • Vision Statement
    • Everybody wants a doctor buddy who can guide us towards a better health care facility and can be there for us in our emergency situations. We want to be that doctor buddy for everybody by helping people receive the best healthcare services, maintaining healthcare records, book appointments and most importantly be there with you in every emergency. My Medicare fights the two biggest hurdles faced by Healthcare system; inaccessibility and unaffordability and ensures a quick and efficient healthcare delivery.
  • About US
    • My Medicare Portal provides a multipurpose solution to the healthcare management in one embodiment. The user-friendly interface of the system is engineered to cater different stakeholders of health care management. The multi-layered approach of the system makes the portal a mode of communication between the user in need of health care and the medical professionals. The portal in communication with the UI and the central server enables the user to view, add, retrieve and edit the information in their profiles. The system acts as a medical portfolio of the user and the provider. The stakeholders of this system include the patients, authorized representative of the patients, health care providers, emergency service providers, transport providers and accommodation providers. This system enables the healthcare service providers with the background information and helps them integrate their services and provide apt service to the user in need of medical attention.
    • The second utility of this portal caters to the users in need of medical attention. The easy to use UI enables the user to select a wide range of medical services from the plethora of medical service providers. The service providers include providers of medical incurrence, health care providers, nurses, hospital, medical escorts, transportation, emergency services, accommodation and catering. It also helps to link the profiles of family members to keep track of the medical history of family members in a single place. The user can make payment for the services availed and hereby can keep a track of the medical expenses incurred on the individual and the family.
    • In a nutshell, this system is designed to bring the transparency and ease of accessibility of medical services. The system not only helps the user in need of medical attention to easily select, avail, pay and keep a track of the medical expenses, but at the same time it equips the service providers to access the medical history of the user, prepare the facility for users' needs and hence provide the best possible services.
  • Advantages
    • For Patients
      • Find best doctors and hospitals.
      • Book appointments with just a click.
      • Keep a track of your appointments.
      • No need to carry your records as the portal tracks it for you.
      • Manage the healthcare needs of your family with a single login.
      • Never miss out on any appointment with our reminders.
      • Send Prescriptions to the pharmacy directly from the system.
      • Send and receive the reports to the medical labs.
      • Connect and Communicate with physicians through the Portal.
      • Share the details with doctors through internal massaging system and save time and effort for physical visit.
      • Get at par assistance from customer care team to plan your medical trip to any city.
      • International Classification of Disease code based report to get right treatment and to find right doctor to visit and get right insurance reimbursements.
      • Access your profile at a go with easy to manage mobile App.
    • For Physicians
      • Find patients looking for health care services.
      • Create your custom time slots and manage your appointments.
      • Easy access to the complete medical profile of the patient.
      • Delegate tasks to all physicians in your facility.
      • Get daily schedule through notification.
      • Send reminders to your patients.
      • Create your custom bills and keep a track on due payments.
      • Create notes and treatment strategies and suggest prescriptions on the portal.
      • Manage your clinic from wherever you are.
      • Increase your visibility by patient interaction.
      • Keep a track of your facility and schedules at a run with easy to manage mobile App.



Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved
Copyright 2018 © MyMedicare Inc. All rights reserved